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Do your SEO research

#1 Do Your Research

OMG don’t just use terms you think are goodies, do some real research and thank you universe for all the wonderful free search term research tools that are out there.

Here are 3 of my favs

  1. the google keyword planner, this can only be accessed if you have a google ad words account.

When you use these tools you are finding what your top search terms/ keywords are going to be.

#2 Placing Your Keywords

After and only after you have done your research, you can now pick your top keywords/ search terms Put them in title tags, heading an in the body text of your pages BUT YOU DO NOT, YOU WILL NOT place the keywords over and over again through out your page. Making multiple mentions of your top keywords will actually hurt you now. Yes yes yes it used to be a great way to trick the search engines into thinking your site is the shizzzzz but not anymore. The content needs to read well and authentically. The information needs to be informative and helpful to a person typing in your search teams/keywords.

All the pretty color of the rainbow and search tearm I love.

#3 Get The Cool Kids To Link To You

You are on the right track to be super awesome SEO master!

The cool kids are trusted web sites you need to get your link on web sites with authority to link to your site.  NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH LINK FARMS! Stay far far far far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from links farms. Do these simple 3 things and the google gods will show your site more and more in the search results.

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