Cool Cutting Edge Web Site Conversion Tools That Convert!

So when you get people to your website you of course want there next step to be them opening up there wallet and giving you there money.. Right?

Well lets slow down a lot most of your 1st time visitors are not going to be making the next step of purchasing or showing up to your business.

Here is what is really going to happen (given you are passed the financial hurdle of getting a professional do design your website), the visitor is going to be engaged with the content you offer on your site. They are going to read about your services and products and why it is so awesome to do business with your company. BUT!! Do not for get! They are an internet user, they have the attention span of a fly! With in 8 seconds they could click out of your site on to search for the next big idea they have. But do not fear there are tools in place to get your visitor’s email address or have them sign up for your text list or click to down load a coupon, before they surf the next wave of the world wide web.

We call these conversion tools, they may seem a little annoying to some people but the are super effective in getting some action or at least an email address before they leave your site. And let me tell you, your email list is GOLD.

Conversion Tools Do All Kinds Of Wonderful Things.
They Reduce visitor abandonment, They Build email subscriber lists,They Offer discount coupons, They Get more social shares and likes, They Capture more leads and improve the your web site’s conversion rates. So yeah they are pretty rad to have installed on your website.

So what the heck is a conversion tool you ask?

Modal popup, Notification Bar, Slide-in and Full-screen popup
Exit Intent Technology – Detects abandoning visitors
Scroll Trigger – Activates when visitors scroll down a certain % of a page
Two Step Opt-in – When visitor clicks on a link or an image
Social Share – Generates more social shares and likes
A/B Testing – Split testing shows you what’s performing best?
Built-in Analytics – Insights on the performance of your popups in real-time.

Furthermore , conversion tools can be easily integrated with all major email, newsletter and content management softwares such as MailChimp, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, etc.

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